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ADCB is a premier and leading Islamic bank in the UAE, providing top-notch online and mobile banking services. 

Abu Dhabi Commercial bank was formed in 1985 following the merging of three banks (Federal Commercial Bank, Emirates Commercial Bank, and Khaleej Commercial Bank)

Government, institutions, and individuals partly own it. ADCB is one of the 3rd largest banks in UAE behind Emirates NBD.

ADCB Personal Banking

ADCB as a leading bank in the United Arab Emirates, they provide a wide selection of personal banking service that suit your needs. 

Do you want to open private, get a personal loan, obtain credit or Debit card, you can do it right from online banking, or visit the branch? 

ADCB Business Banking

ADCB offers a wide selection of business banking services to suit your needs. ADCB business banking provides loans for business owners, trade, and merchant services to help you run your business at ease.

With ADCB, you have a variety of options to apply for any Loans include personal Loan, car loan, mortgage, and loss of employment security loan. Check the ADCB 

Personal loan calculator to check the loan amount and interest rate.

Car Loans: Get a car of dream financed very quickly without complicated

Standard Mortgage Loan: ADCB helps get that dream home you crave for into reality. You have the option to pay fixed or flexible payment options. 

Personal Loan: is available for nationals and expatriates. The interest rate is low and attractive.

Loss of Employment personal loan covers your loan repayment while you’re out of a job. 

ADCB Bank – personal loan requirements

For ADCB personal loan requirements, you will need a few documents to get your Loan processed. The following ADCB personal loan documents need to be presented

  • Completed loan application form.
  • EIDA Card.
  • Passport.
  • Salary transfer letter.
  • Residence Visa (for non-UAE nationals)
  • Salary certificate (maximum 30 days or less from the loan application’s date)ADCB Mobile Banking, subsidiaries, personal banking, loan, credit card

 ADCB Bank Debit and Credit Card Offers

ADCB offers a wide variety of credit cards to suit your needs. ADCB credit card payment is flexible, and you can apply for one through online banking or visit one of their branches. 

Features of ADCB Credit Card

  • Get a discount on travel booking and tickets 
  • Spend AED and get ADCB TouchPoints 
  • Get rewards and offers at Lulu Hypermarket
  • The annual fee ranges from AED 0 – AED 2.6K 
  • Ability to adjust spending limit using ADCB mobile app
  • An interest rate of 3.25% is charged 
  • Foreign currency transactions will be charged from 0% – 2.99% 

Eligibility Criteria of ADCB Credit Card

  • Minimum salary AED 5K-40K 
  • Must be 21 years+ is required
  • Both UAE Nationals and Residence are eligible

Documents Required of ADCB Credit Card


  • Salary Certificate/Salary transfer letter 
  • Emirates ID
  • UAE Residence Visa(For Expats)
  • Minimum 3 bank statements
  • Address Proofs
  • Passport 
  • Trade license (Self-employed individuals)

Types of ADCB Credit Card & Offers

ADCB credit card activation is easy, and fun becomes available upon activation. Here are the best ADCB Credit cards

  • Etihad Guest Infinite Credit Card: Etihad Guest Infinite Credit Card opens a new and more exclusive offer when using it.
  • Etihad Guest Signature Credit Card: With Etihad Guest Signature Credit Card, you are entitled to a wide range of excellent benefits and offers 
  • Etihad Guest Signature Credit Card: This credit card comes with many benefits and regular offers with Etihad Guest Signature Credit Card.
  • Etihad Guest Platinum Credit Card: Obtain more offers upon activation with Etihad Guest Platinum Credit Card.
  • Betaqti Credit Card: Lifestyle benefits and rewards with your laser-etched card. This credit card offers lots of benefits, grants you full control of the card, travel, and much more.
  • ADCB Traveller Credit Card Offers: Once you activate your card, you can now enjoy benefits and rewards on travel and accommodation.
  • ADCB TouchPoints Infinite Credit Card Offers: One of the best ADCB credit card touchpoints. Obtain your credit card online and get a range of great benefits and regular offers with this card.
  • ADCB TouchPoints Platinum Credit Card: With ADCB Credit Card, touchpoints earn more rewards using the card and access to more credit loans. 
  • TouchPoints Titanium/ Gold Credit Card: Another best ADCB card to have in your wallet. You can earn rewards using TouchPoints Gold Titanium Credit Card, spend more and earn more. 
  • Lulu Platinum Credit Card: With this card, you can Shop at Lulu Hypermarket stores and earn points that convert to day to day savings.
  • Lulu Titanium Credit Card: Earn LULUpoints shopping at Lulu Hypermarket stores and enjoy a day to day savings with Lulu Titanium Credit Card.

ADCB Mobile Banking uae

ADCB Mobile Banking

With ADCB online banking, you can access all their banking services right from the comfort of your home anytime, anywhere. 

It is straightforward to apply for ADCB online banking using you’re your Debit or Credit card number and PIN. To apply for ADCB online banking;

Firstly, download the ADCB mobile bank app (Google app for android mobile users), enter the activation key sent to your mobile.

Secondly, set up your password, and you are done. 

ADCB Subsidiaries

Aside from the earlier Abu Dhabi Commercial bank mergers (Federal Commercial Bank, Emirates Commercial Bank, and Khaleej Commercial Bank), Other ADCB subsidiaries banks that merge in early 2019 include UNB (Union National Bank) and Al Hilal Bank. 

The emergence of the subsidiaries banks as Group makes it one of the largest banks in the region, with over 1 million customers.

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Careers

If you wish to apply for a job in ADCB, you can do that from their careers page. As one of the largest and wealthiest banks in the region, the salary is pretty hefty. Salary goes upwards from 10,000 DHS depending on the Emirates.

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