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If you have funds in your PayPal account or are receiving money to your PayPal account, you will come across the need to withdraw them conveniently. This is where you can take a look at PayPal to MoneyGram transfer services.


Even though PayPal is the most popular digital currency service that you can find out there in the world, the services available with it are quite limited for people who live in specific parts of the world. 

For example, PayPal doesn’t offer money receiving options or money withdrawal option to many countries. Only 25 countries out there can experience all the functionalities that are available with PayPal.

MoneyGram offers worldwide support. While you are using MoneyGram, you will receive the opportunity to transfer funds directly to the credit union, bank, or other financial accounts.

Can I send money from PayPal to MoneyGram?

When you take a look at your PayPal account, you cannot find a direct option to transfer money from your PayPal account to MoneyGram account. However, you can still proceed with your PayPal to MoneyGram transfer via an exchanger service. 

You can consider this as the best option available to process your transfer. It will not just provide you with a hassle-free transfer. It can also make sure that you continue with your transactions without losing a lot of money.

How to transfer money from PayPal to MoneyGram using a PayPal exchange?

When you pick a PayPal to MoneyGram exchange, you will be able to see all the information and how to proceed with your transfer on their website. You need to follow the steps, and you will be able to get the transfer done. 

Make sure that you pick the best exchange to send money from PayPal to MoneyGram. Then you can complete your transaction without facing any headaches.

We will share additional information with you with such exchange services available. You can go through the list that we recommend and select any one of your choices.

The best exchangers to send money from PayPal to MoneyGram

We did a quick research to find the best exchangers, which you can use to transfer money from PayPal to MoneyGram. Here are the most prominent exchange services that we came across. 

You may take a look at the following and pick an exchange service out of them. Then you will receive all the support needed to transfer your fund successfully.

  • Payglobel
  • Magnatust
  • Cash2Pm

Our team can ensure that all these exchange services deliver a quality experience to the people who come across the need to transfer money.

Checkout Other Exchange Services 

How to sign up for an account

If you are not aware of how to create your accounts on PayPal and MoneyGram, you can follow these steps.


  • You need to visit and proceed to the Signup button. Make sure that you sign up for a personal PayPal account, instead of a Business PayPal account.
  • The signup process is similar to an ordinary sign up means that you go through to create an account on a website. There’s nothing extraordinary in it.
  • Once completed with the registration, you should link your card or bank account, which will act as the source of funds.


  • You will be able to create your MoneyGram account from the website.
  • Click on the Signup button, and you can create the account. You need to enter the email along with a secure password. You will be asked to enter your phone number.
  • You can opt-in whether you wish to receive text alerts from MoneyGram or not. It will only take a few minutes to create the MoneyGram account.
Paypal to moneygram exchange service

PayPal to MoneyGram exchange fee

PayPal to MoneyGram exchange fee is around 3%. A reasonable fee compared to the service that you will receive at the end of the day. That’s because you will lose more money when trying out the other methods available for transferring your funds from PayPal to MoneyGram.

Without withdrawing money from PayPal directly, you can also think about transferring money to MoneyGram and then initiating the withdrawal. That’s because MoneyGram would only cost you $1 per withdrawal.

Comparing PayPal USD and MoneyGram USD

You need to link your credit card, debit card, or bank account to source funds to the PayPal account. You can keep the funds in your PayPal account, or you can get money from your sources and make the payment whenever you come across the need to get the job done.

MoneyGram is mainly a money transfer service. You will not be able to hold any money within your MoneyGram. When you come across a need to send money, you can use MoneyGram and do it. Likewise, you can receive money from MoneyGram as well.

Ease of use in transfer and deposit

Both PayPal and MoneyGram work in different ways when transferring and deposit money. PayPal offers a digital money transfer. The money will go from one account to another. You can also see how PayPal debits money from the bank accounts and send it to other PayPal accounts as well.

However, MoneyGram is a transfer service, which offers its service based on wire transfer. When you transfer money through MoneyGram, you will be doing a wire transfer.

 It is a quick and hassle-free method to transfer money. However, it is essential to note that you cannot get buyer protection from MoneyGram, as you would receive from PayPal.


As you can now see, the whole process isn’t difficult; Based on this, you can proceed with using the exchange service to initiate PayPal to MoneyGram transfer. It will be a convenient and trouble-free process.


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