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Transferring money from Paypal to Neteller is now made easy in simple steps. As we know, Neteller is a widely used payment system online, and most merchants use it to transfer money to online platforms like Forex trading and social network firm.

How to Transfer Money to Neteller using PayPal exchangers?

Choosing a reputable exchange service is paramount when it comes to money exchange. Very few exchangers are recommendable, using them will make your online transaction go smoothly, as you won’t face the problem associated with funding your account. 

In fewer steps, you can easily send cash from Paypal USD to Neteller USD without complicated and other verification procedures. Loading your Neteller account gives you the flexibility to pay for online transactions, withdraw funds directly using the Net+ card or transfer the balance to their bank accounts.

The best exchangers for PayPal to Neteller Deposit

Currently, many online exchanges do not support Paypal to Neteller deposit or transfer. If you haven’t had any success with other exchangers, here are the best currency exchanger that will quickly and efficiently handle your transaction from PayPal USD to Neteller USD money exchange.

How to Sign up for Account


In the paragraph, I will show how to open a PayPal and Neteller account if you don’t have any, or you may skip this section and go directly to the exchange service website, fill out the form to exchange your currencies.



  • Click on the link NETELLER
  • Click “Join for free” by choosing your preferred language.
  • After clicking, enter your details and click “Continue” to move on to the next screen.
  • Enter your details and Click to Continue to the next screen.
  • Enter your details, residents of the United States of America will get free Net+ Prepaid Card upon funding your NETELLER account. 
  • Confirm your security question answers and Continue to the next screen.
  • Registration now completed, and your Account ID and Secure ID created.

For funding your NETELLER account, click “Put money into my account” 



  • Visit the PayPal website homepage
  • Click on Sign Up to create a new account.
  • Enter your email address and password. 
  • Fill out the form, legal name, address, and phone number. 
  • Enter your credit or debit card (optional). You can finish this process later. However, you’ll need to at some point if you want to verify your PayPal account.
  • Enter your bank account information (optional). You’ll need a bank account linked if you plan on receiving money and want to be able to transfer it to your bank. 
  • Verifying Your Account

For exchange from PayPal to Neteller: Visit the ORDER PAGE LINK.

Paypal-Neteller Exchange Fee?


Comparing exchange Fees of PayPal to Neteller transfer fee, 

PayPal charges 3.4% for cash withdrawal. 


Transferring money between accounts, you can do so for free with PayPal


NETELLER service is free for senders and receivers but when money is being transferred they simply add on a 2.95% foreign exchange fee. 


Comparing PayPal USD Vs Neteller USD


PayPal has over 300 million active users and with PayPal you can send, receive, and hold funds in 25 currencies worldwide. 


PayPal’s allows people to make financial transactions online by granting the ability to

transfer funds electronically between individuals and businesses.


Neteller offers a variety of payment options and can send money to merchants as well as receive funds from them. 


Neteller shoppers can easily control their funds. Users can top-up their accounts by transferring money from their online banking account, debit, and credit card. 


Neteller’s VIP program, this status influences fees, withdrawal limits, and other features.


Ease of use transfer and Deposit 


PayPal Buyer Protection Policy protects the rights of a customer to get their fund if he or she did not receive an item purchased. 


Paypal allows the users to maintain accounts in different currencies, as well as send and receive payments between its members. 


NETELLER is also a secured payment system. All funds received are 100% secure and indemnified. To make payments, you will need your email and a password to pay, no re-direction involved.


With Neteller, customers can withdraw funds to their bank account via transfer, cheque, or using the company’s Net+ prepaid MasterCard at point-of-sale and automated teller machines.


PayPal doesn’t have any VIP status as Neteller does. PayPal doesn’t allow Gambling like NETELLER.


The choice is yours but transferring money from Paypal money to Neteller was never so hard and with YorkChanger, you are at the right palace. 


In conclusion


With YorkChanger, transfer fund from PayPal account to Neteller made more accessible to anyone who wants to process deposit seamlessly. CLICK HERE TO PLACE YOUR ORDER.


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